Kleemenko Coolers

Closed Cycle Kleemenko Coolers

These low-cost refrigerator systems use a single-stream, throttle-expansion cycle of a mixture of refrigerants and have been used over the past decade to provide stable, maintenance-free temperature control between 85K and 150K.


Kleemenko coolers are closely related to Joule-Thomson coolers. In J-T cooling, compressed gases pass down a counter-current heat exchanger before being allowed to expand through a capillary or throttling valve. Cooling occurs upon expansion and the cool gas passes back up the heat exchanger, pre-cooling the incoming high-pressure gas. In the Kleemenko cycle it is not a gas that expands, but rather a mixture of gas and liquid. One or more liquid-vapor separators may be incorporated into the cycle so the expansion of the liquid can be used to pre-cool the vapor.


Bio 085 Kleemenko Coolers

MMR's Bio 085 model Kleemenko coolers are closed-cycle cryogenic refrigeration systems that are low-cost, zero-maintenance and designed for the storage of frozen tissue, cell cultures, organs and body parts. These systems have also been used for environmental and atmospheric gas concentration evaluation studies.


These stand-alone cooler systems can be operated continuously at temperatures from ambient to below -150ºC, providing a stable and controlled cryogenic environment. The Bio085 model is capable of operation from ambient temperatures down to -188ºC (85K) – based on the lowest possible temperature that can be achieved and maintained.


Bio model cryocooler systems are ready for benchtop operation. The systems include a top-loading cooling chamber and a dipping cup for safe, easy operation — you never have to personally handle cryogens.

To see brochure on the Bio 085 Kleemenko Cooler, click here.


Customized Closed Cycle Kleemenko Cooler Solutions - an OEM Solution!

MMR’s can provide customized Kleemenko cooler systems that will meet your specific OEM instrumentation needs. Typically these customized cooler systems come with a cold head that can be integrated into a variety of applications and instrumentation settings, making this a very flexible system. MMR’s customized Kleemenko coolers have been used for the cryo-acceleration of workstations, low-noise amplifiers for communication equipment, and X-ray detectors, to name a few applications. If removing cryogens from your experimental setup is of interest – we can help you determine the best set up to meet your cooling capacity and experimental setup. Contact us to discuss the specifics!